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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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wall street soars to all- time highs, as investors welcome a consilltary tone from president trump in his speech to congress. >> the tone was quite different than we're used to. >> it was the biggest day of the year for the markets. >> the dow, nasdaq, and s & p reached record highs after hearing president trump promote an agenda of business friendly policies. in a speech to congress last night, the president proposed new infrastructure spending, and removing limits on defense spending. he also reaffirmed plans to cut taxes. >> wall street investors liked what they heard. the dow jones moved above the 21,000 mark for the first time
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ever. >> ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us now. >> reporter: julie and frank, basically, the markets have been pushing higher since the election, despite some uncertainty about what the president will do. take a look. we have a one month chart here that shows how the dow surpassed 20,000 at the beginning of february, and it it has gone up more than 1,000 points. for the average investor, that should be a sign to watch your portfolio. the dow's record high at the closing bell wednesday, was seen by some as a bell weather of what's to come under the trump administration. but gary says there's more to the picture. >> the economy and the stock market were recovering in the fall, even before trump's surprise election victory. it's just the policies, the
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anticipation of that, super charged a rally that was already underway. >> reporter: banks and financial companies led the rise. overall, the economy's 8 year crawl out of the recession is slow, but steady, with manufacturing, housing, and consumer spending holding up well. now comes president trump's many business friendly proposals. still, a certain amount of unease remains. this woman works in the healthcare industry. >> there's some tension, there's some uncertainty i think in that area, and something that we're all kind of holding our breath on. >> reporter: some worry about whether stock prices are too high. >> we're approaching dot-com like valuations in the market overall. it does give an indication of just how stretched the market is. how much the market is anticipating better news down the road. so if we don't get it, it leaves the market that much more vulnerable. >> it's kind of scary at these levels right now.
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you don't know if this is a temporary type of thing. he could have policies that aren't so business friendly. >> reporter: for the individual investor, it's time to renew your retirement funds, because the sharp rise in stocks might have thrown your portfolio out of whack. >> you thought you had 60% of your portfolio in stocks, amend now it's 70, 75%. >> reporter: i asked if we could see is some people selling off tomorrow, he says he wouldn't be surprised for people balancing their portfolios, and also investors looking to lock in some of those profits. the parent company of snapchat is set to start trading on the new york stock exchange tomorrow. snap, published its initial offering at $17 a share today. snap is one of the most anticipated technology ipo's
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since twitter's debut in 2013. mountain view's st. francis high school will reportedly cash in on its investment in snap. according to the tech blog, the information, a fund linked to the private catholic school took part in an early investment round in snap. that stake is now reportedly worth tens of millions of dollars. only on ktvu fox 2, warriors star kevin durant emerging from a private jet after suffering a knee injury in washington. you can see him at the north field at oakland international airport. he was then pushed across the tarmac to the terminal. the warriors say durant suffered a grade 2 mcl strain. paul's in oakland tonight with more on the prognosis. >> reporter: frank, first let me stress that the doctor we spoke with has not seen
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durant's mri's, but does work in the sports medicine field. i asked him what is a bone bruise. he said it's actually one step away from a broken bone. sky fox was overhead, and we had cameras on the ground as kevin durant landed at oakland airport. shortly there after, he was whisked away in a wheelchair. it was during this play tuesday night that put the warriors start out indefinitely. >> erely reminiscent of the timing steph curry got hurt last year. >> reporter: official word from team doctors, durant has a sprained mcl in his left knee, and a bone bruise in his left leg. >> it's kind of the phase right before it may crack or break. >> reporter: durant will be out for at least 4 weeks, which is typical, according to the doctor, who has seen young athletes with similar injuries to durant. however, he says with professional players, the time may be a little bit longer,
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because the last thing the team or player wants is not to be fully healed. >> the injury itself might heal, but if there's less muscle strength, you can get a secondary injury. >> reporter: the doctors will reevaluate durant after the regular season is over in 6 weeks to determine if he can come back for the playoffs. until then, warrior fans are hopeful. >> i feel bad for the warriors, but i think they have enough team strength to be able to keep going forward. >> we won the championship two years ago without him. we'll be fine. >> kb's going to come back, he's going to take them to the championship. >> reporter: the team's first test without kd will be tomorrow night when they play the bulls in chicago. >> we'll have more on durant's injury in sports, including bob myers, and why he's optimistic about durant's comeback. now to some new video from sky fox tonight, where a
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mudslide shut down crow canyon road in alameda county. the road was closed from north canyon road, to bullinger canyon road. crow canyon road was also shut down by another mudslide just last month. a billionaire is donating millions of dollars to help the people who were flooded out last week in san jose. he owned a medical supply company. today, he wrote a check for $5 million for that relief effort. his donation will be added to the $1 million already raised by community members. he said getting the mayor's attention was easy. >> easy. who doesn't care to receive 5 million? come on. >> we can survive for the rest of our life. >> the donations will be distributed through four major nonprofits, including catholic charities, and the salvation
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army. flood victims should start to receive some of that money by the end of this week. a meeting in san francisco addressed the homeless problems. new at 10:00, ktvu's amber lee with a vivid example of the conflict, and why some say the problems have gotten worse recently. >> reporter: frank, here at the main library tonight, city officials and advocates for the homeless got together for a forum to decide solutions and not far from here, merchants grappling with the homeless issue are hoping for a resolution soon. a row of tents is lined up along utah street. directly across from home design showrooms and other businesses. neighbors say in recent months, crime by the homeless in the area has escalated. >> i've seen drug use, you know, people sitting there, you know, shooting up. >> reporter: measure chants snapped photos of the drug use, and the break-ins, then took
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video of the fire that broke out at 110 around 5:00 a.m. >> this is a fire from this morning. >> from this morning? >> yeah, this is this morning. this is what happened. it concerns me that the same person is back again. >> reporter: leslie dean, manager of a design showroom suspects the fire broke out because a homeless man was cooking in his tent. >> people have come into our showroom, you know, uninvited. >> reporter: dean and other merchants have put up no trespass signs, hired security guards to keep out the homeless, but some won't leave, and others return. >> some of the messes that we leave behind are atrocious. so i understand why the merchants are complaining. >> reporter: he blames his homelessness on addictions to meth and heroin. the department is working on a
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resolution to take down this homeless encampment in the next few months, but it will happen only after finding shelter and other services for the people here. >> it's important to take a minute, to assess the situation, plan it out, and make sure we have all the resources necessary to really go in and do something that's going to work. >> reporter: city officials talked about long term solutions, and the need to fund housing. >> these are not problems. these are people. they're a community living on the streets. >> i'm actually back a little farther. >> reporter: back on utah street, he welcomes what he calls help with the right approach. >> i'm almost ready to put this behind me. it's getting kind of old. >> reporter: the mayor says she expects the video finally got them to take action. >> i hate that that was the reason, but i will take anything i can get at this point. >> after an encampment has been removed, officials say street cleaning, helps to keep the
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homeless from returning, but they say what works depends on  the location, in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. still ahead tonight, parents left in limbo when a bay area adoption agency files for bankruptcy. >> i was just stunned. >> 2 investigates the agency's finances and what happens next. >> and i'm tracking that chance of showers, as we head towards this bay area weekend. we'll see you back here. >> up first, developing news. calls for attorney general jeff sessions to resign tonight over contacts with russian officials during the presidential campaign.
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developing news tonight from washington, d.c. where house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling on attorney general jeff sessions to resign. this follows reports that sessions spoke twice to russia's ambassador to the u.s. while sessions was serving as an adviser to the trump campaign. during his confirmation hearings, sessions denied he had any communication with russian officials. democrats and republicans have been calling for investigations. tonight, pelosi's office released this statement saying after lying under oath to congress about his own communications with the russians, the attorney general must resign. sessions is not fit to serve as
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the top law enforcement officer of our country. tonight, the attorney general staff acknowledged he did meet with russian officials in his capacity as a u.s. senator. sessions himself said he never discussed issues about the campaign. tonight, 2 investigates is looking into the financials of a national adoption center that suddenly filed for bankruptcy in january. for many couples hoping to adopt a child, that came as devastating news. rob roth tells us, 2 investigates has obtained the agency's tax returns, and spoken with stunned clients, state regulators, and for the first time with an official from that adoption agency to find out what happened. >> reporter: the desire to start a family, raise a child, become parents. that's what this couple from kensington wants terribly. >> you guys really want a child. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: it's been a five years and counting heart wrenching struggle.
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>> we tried to have children. due to medical reasons, we're unable to, and we had tried surrogacy. >> reporter: they decided on adoption. the independent adoption center, or iac. that was in september. >> it felt like a guarantee. and everything else that we had done, nothing was guaranteed. this felt guaranteed. >> reporter: then just 4 months later on january 31, anguish. >> i was just stunned. it's not something that you ever expect. >> reporter: without any warning to clients, the iac filed for bankruptcy, sent out an email, and shut down. money from hopeful clients out the window. >> $14,000. >> reporter: they say that's nothing compared to the emotional toll. >> you place a lot of hope in this and i don't know, to take that away so abruptly was, i don't know, pretty awful. >> reporter: the nonprofit iac
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filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, which means it's out of business. approximately 400 adoptions in the bay area were in process, and 1800 nationwide. many more, including theambrose's has been left in limbo. iac informed clients of the bankruptcy with a brief email. there would be no one to take questions, by phone, email, or in person at the office. after numerous requests for comment, we finally caught up with the president of iac's board of directors outside of his home last week. >> what do you have to say about all the people who put their hopes in, and spent money and time? >> well we're heartbroken over it, of course. >> reporter: 2 investigates learned just three days before declaring bankruptcy, iac was still making presentations. still signing up clients, and still asking them for money. >> getting everybody hopeful and excited.
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>> reporter: including jess and chris taylor of berkely. >> it was a really big let down. >> kind of a waste of a lot of people's time. getting up people's hopes, and then letting them down. that would include us. >> reporter: iac asked for a $1,500 deposit that final weekend, but did not process the taylors' credit card. >> do i think it's ethical, no. >> reporter: the california department of social services overseas adoption agencies in this state. it reviews how agencies handle adoptions. it does not review an agency's finances. >> that's not something the department has authority over. it's an agreement between the individual and the business. >> if you knew you were going bankrupt, why would you still have people coming in? >> we didn't know we were going bankrupt. if we had a good january, we would be able to continue. >> you didn't have a good january? >> not at all. >> reporter: the state has now
10:18 pm
stepped in. first retrieved these. the agency's 34 years of extremely confidential files, which are now locked in storage. >> we had three truck loads, 800 boxes, so you're talking about a lot of history. >> reporter: the department is working on getting this sensitive documents back to the clients. it can't remember a bankruptcy this big and this sudden. >> now we're in the process of actually triaging all of those, going through the files, trying to determine at what point in each case they are. >> we're all adoptive parents ourselves. we can't, you know, we were just in this to help other people get adopted. >> reporter: 2 investigates reviewed tax records that show iac has been struggling financially for the past few years, even losing money in 2013. adoption placements were also on the decline. the final steps will likely happen here in bankruptcy court in downtown oakland to divide what little money is left.
10:19 pm
about $57,000 according to court records. an initial hearing is scheduled for mid-march. >> i'm sorry. council asked me not to talk. maybe when this gets a little further down the road, i'll be happy to sit down and discuss it with you. >> reporter: families aren't hopeful of getting any of their money back. some have spent upwards of $25,000. and their dreams of raising a child are delayed. time wasted, and trust in the process, damaged. >> all of our eggs were in that one basket, yeah, it was devastating. >> the state says it is reaching out to parents who had open adoptions with iac. the ambroses say they've since had their paperwork forwarded to another agency so they can continue their adoption process. if you have a tip for 2 investigates, we want to hear from you. just email or give us a call.
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tracking another cold night out there. kind of a mild day. we had mid-60s today in the warmest spots. tomorrow is going to be a cold cart again, and slightly warmer. so clear outside. winds have died down a bit. so with light winds, it's going to get cold. 45 right now in santa rosa. already 42 in fairfield. 49 at oakland. overnight lows in the low 30s. freezing temperatures in some places. especially north and east bay, and frost. so as you look outside city hall lit up, not a lot of wind out there right now. with that, look for 34 in santa rosa tomorrow morning. 34 in antioch. but you get out in the other outside regions of napa, and st. helena, you'll find your freezing temperatures, and find frost at 37, 38 degrees. you don't need to be at freezing. tomorrow morning in san jose, 38 degrees. there's your sky cover. in this cloud cover, or sky cover, is basically what you're going to see in fremont. the whole bay area gets this beautiful day tomorrow.
10:21 pm
just like today, slightly warmer, daytime high in san jose at 65 degrees. if we look hard, we could find upper 60s in some of the warmest spots. when i come back, that's tomorrow. we'll go pushing forward, and show you that rain that's just around the corner. there was some very encouraging news today from the sierra snowpack survey. the department of resources conducted its monthly survey. the snowpack there now stands at 179% of normal. compare that to last year, when it was 84% of normal. good news for all of us, since 1/3 of the state's water supply comes from the sierra snow melt. still ahead tonight, a high speed pursuit across the golden gate bridge within the past hour. also, two cases of vandalism, targeting politically minded bay area students. why they say the vandals have crossed a line. >> later in sports, more on kevin durant's knee injury,
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plus the niners quarterback, colin kaepernick, preparing to become a free agent tomorrow. the outlook for two teams. >> a stunning development in a bay area courtroom, where the judge ruled the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter can be released from jail. ♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru. gus is a handful. we don't know what this thing is, but someday, gus will because this is the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is,
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new video tonight from the golden gate bridge of the chp chasing a white pickup truck. a traffic camera captured part of that high speed chase, just a short time ago. the chase began north in petaluma north of 101. at last check, the driver had exited onto san francisco city streets, and the highway patrol backed off. a three-alarm fire damaged several apartments in south san francisco this afternoon. the fire was reported just before 5:00, at a building on olive avenue.
10:25 pm
sky fox was overhead as fire crews were mopping up. no one was hurt, but four of the seven units were damaged, and 14 people had been displaced. the cause of the fire is under investigation tonight. a federal judge issued a surprise decision today, ruling that the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter can be released on bail ahead of her trial on terrorism charges. >> the judge said noor salman is not a flight risk. >> reporter: noor salman could soon be with her family in rodeo. >> i'm very happy because she is innocent. >> reporter: in an unexpected move wednesday, a federal judge granted bail for salman on strict restrictions. she must wear a gps tracker. she can only leave for medical
10:26 pm
treatment, or court appearances. >> this is extraordinarily rare, and a real statement on the weakness of the prosecution's case. >> reporter: federal prosecutors maintain, salman knew of the attacks last year and aided. the judge said evidence against her is debatable. >> the government conceded that ms. salman has no connection to the islamic state, and has no exhibited extremist views. there's nothing in the record that indicates ms. salman is violent or dangerous. >> she liked to dress up. she celebrate christmas, she's not religious at all. >> reporter: this family says they're eager to reunite salman with her 4-year-old son. >> he's missing his mommy, and every night he cry, because she used to tuck him in, and read him stories. every night he cry.
10:27 pm
>> reporter: orlando's police chief tweeted a statement calling the judge's decision to release salman disappointing, but believes she will be brought to justice. in rodeo, christina rendon, ktvu, fox 2 news. oakland's new police chief promising to make oakland safe. >> when you feel safe, and you are safe, then you will prosper, you will thrive as a community. >> still ahead tonight, the new chief discusses her vision and priority. >> at cal tonight, conservative students say they are targets. an act of vandalism caught on video. why college republicans say it's a sign of the times.
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new at 10:00, republican students at uc berkely say they've become the target of vandals. it's happened twice in two days now. debora villalon was on campus, and one of those incidents was caught on video. >> reporter: yeah, it shows a man stomping one of their signs into bits. >> we have a sign here, a wooden sign, hand painted. >> reporter: the club sign, older than the members is in pieces, busted by a student who stopped by this table on sprout plaza to talk about issues like abortion and gay rights. >> there definitely wasn'ted a heated disagreement between us at all, so i was quite surprise that he suddenly decided he was going to destroy our private property. >> reporter: the club captured it as the young man calmly cracked their sign in half. at one point, cracking jokes.
10:31 pm
when he left, uc police were alerted. that was tuesday afternoon. and it happened again wednesday. this time, a vinyl trump sign, kicked and torn off its frame. two people that time, one on a bike, club members chased them down and got pictures. it's not about signs, they say. >> it happens every week, when we get our materials destroyed. it happened last night too. we had a cutout destroyed. this is kind of a daily occurrence for us. >> reporter: berkely college republicans is the group that hosted milo. being singled out is unnerving for their parents too. >> they wanted me to come home. they wanted me to drop out of berkely and come home. i convinced them not to.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: from the university, a statement condemning this new round of disturbing incidents, and reaching out to targeted students who may now feel threatened. >> that sort of seems witch- hunty to me. at berkely, the home of the free speech movement, even if you don't agree with someone's political opinions, you need to respect that. >> reporter: the club says the flip side to being a target is their membership is growing. as a conservative voice on a liberal campus. >> we're the only club on campus that's harassed. if students care so much about minorities, they should care about political minorities as well. >> reporter: this evening, a club member spotted one of the men who went after the sign today, and police cited him for misdemeanor vandalism. he is a student, so he may face university consequences as well. no one cited yet for that
10:33 pm
videotape vandalism. live in berkely, debora villalon, ktvu, fox 2 news. officers discovered a large amount cash, and weapons. they seized $300,000 in cash, 6 pounds of marijuana, and a stash of weapons including an ak-47. the discovery followed a shootout between two cars that injured an elderly couple who were in a third car. police say 32-year-old marcus jones also had a number of high powered weapons in his apartment. >> as the detectives began to search the apartment, they came across three more high caliber semi automatic pistols. some of which had magazines capable of holding either 30 additional rounds in the gun, or with custom magazines capable of holding up to 100 additional rounds of ammunition. >> jones is being held without
10:34 pm
bail. another man identified as davlon harris was wounded in the shooting, and has since been charged with a number of felonies. he is out on bail, and expected in court later this month. oakland's new police chief vowed today to make oakland a safe city. anne kirkpatrick shared her vision in a round table meeting with reporters. >> memphis, washington state, chicago. anne kirkpatrick has been a police officer in all of these places but oakland, she says is where she belongs. >> i do want to open the doors of oakland to the world. i want people to see who we really are. so we also need to change the conversation about american policing, and about oakland. that's what i'm going to do. >> the 57-year-old chief described herself as quiet. she doesn't yell or swear, but says she will be direct and consistent. >> when you are clear and
10:35 pm
noncompromising, and i will not compromise. it will not happen. then people, that's what they're looking for. >> and what the new chief is looking for is to change the conversation about oakland, and its police. she'll be the department's fifth chief in ten years. >> i have one mission as the chief of police at the city, and that is to make oakland safe. when people feel safe, and are safe, then the talk changes. >> at a media round table, the chief revealed where she's living. >> downtown oakland. >> reporter: the downtown has sign violence and damage from raucous street protests over the years. the new chief says she supports freedom of expression, but -- >> being able to express one's voice should not result in damages other people. >> reporter: the chief has played soccer, volleyball, and tennis. we asked why she wanted to come to oakland, and she responded with a sports analogy.
10:36 pm
>> i thought i was fit to be the coach for this season in time. >> reporter: nowadays, she's a triathlete who runs in the mornings. we asked about the path she takes and what she sees. >> i run on a treadmill. so i look at a mirror. >> reporter: in oakland, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. today's ash wednesday, the beginning of lent for christians all over the world. the clergy of st. edwards catholic church in newark held a quick service for those who wanted to receive the traditional ashes on their forehead, but didn't have time to stick around for mass. a similar service was held at a church in sacramento. still ahead tonight, a first for police in san francisco. two men are arrested for parachuting off the top of a hotel near union square. >> i'm tracking the cool, overnight lows tonight, and then the rain that shows up in
10:37 pm
the weekend forecast. >> up first, tragedy at a small town in oakland. four children all killed in a house fire. (vo) what if this didn't
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a house fire in rural oregon has left four children dead. their parents, and a 13-year- old sibling are reportedly in critical condition.
10:40 pm
that fire started very early this morning. the children who died ranged in age from 4 to 13. there's no word on what caused that fire, but investigators say it does not appear to be suspicious. police in santa rosa are searching for a missing student. campus police say neil phillipson was last seen yesterday afternoon, leaving the library on campus. his family got concerned when he didn't contact them for a ride home. phillipson is 20 years old. he's 5'10", wearing a dark cot and had a green or black backpack with him. a heated argument with an uber driver in san francisco. >> good luck. >> the video is from last month and shows ceo travis kalanick in the backseat. the driver complains that
10:41 pm
uber's efforts to lower fares have bankrupt him. he fired back, saying the driver wasn't taking responsibility. this morning, kalanick expressed regret. saying this is the first time i've been willing to admit that i need leadership help, and i intend to get it, adding that he needs to quote grow up. facebook announced they're improving their suicide prevention tools in response to recent tragedies. the tools include a new option to report someone in distress who may want to harm themselves while on facebook live. in just the past two months at least three people have taken their on lives while on facebook's live streaming service. in 2011, facebook launched the service that allows users to chat live with a suicide prevention specialist. yahoo's board of directors has stripped ceo melissa mayer of a cash bonus and stock award totaling $12 million. this follows an internal investigation of two security breaches that exposed the personal information of more
10:42 pm
than a billion users of yahoo. the investigation found yahoo's top executives failed to properly respond to the breach. verizon cut its purchase price of yahoo by $350 million. coming up, two thrill seekers parachute off one of san francisco's high rise hotels. >> and bill martin tracking the rain. he'll show us how much longer the sunny days will last.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. two men who parachuted off the top of san francisco's downtown hilton hotel landeddite in police custody. officers arrested the two suspects shortly after their midnight incident near union square. it's called base jumping, and
10:45 pm
it's illegal. police say the two men jumped off the roof of the 46 story hotel, and literally flew over the heads of officers who were on patrol near the tenderloin police station. >> they observed several people descending from the sky with parachutes, and ended up landing near their patrol car. >> 26-year-old joshua glovac. their facebook pages show they often engage in base jumping. we're tracking yet another mice day for your thursday. we've had a nice round of weather around here. it's going to be cold tomorrow morning. we talked about that. then temperatures tomorrow afternoon will warm up like these. these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow will come up a couple of degrees on these. i think we'll see mid-60s. maybe even some down in this area.
10:46 pm
maybe some 56s, and 57s. a live camera shot. it is clear outside, and that allows us to get cold. bay area bridge, you see the headlights coming into san francisco. this is a water vapor loop, and it shows you this system, in the form of a lot of moisture, is going to come up over the ridge and drop into the bay area. not until saturday but saturday and sunday look like we're going to get a little wetter around here. right now, it looks to be a main event. for us, we could see a sprinkle or two. just be prepared. i'll show you the model coming up here, but as we get closer to it like tomorrow, and then on friday. i think the weekend is not going to be a wash out, so don't freak out if you see some raindrops on saturday and sunday in this five day. 45 at napa. overnight lows tonight, we talked about it. cold, that will get you frost in a lot of the inland bay valleys. if you had it this morning, you've got it again tomorrow.
10:47 pm
the high pressure has been with us, most of this week. sunny and warm tomorrow. then everything changes as low pressure comes in. so a cooler weekend for sure. i think we'll see some scattered showers, especially right now on saturday. sunday might be the better of the two, but it's hard to say. here is the model. here's thursday morning. here's thursday evening. here's friday morning. friday, right through friday afternoon. you see friday is kind of the transition day with clouds increasing. this is friday about 9:00, 10:00. then we get into saturday about 5:00. there's going to be a little bit of rain right there, but that's about it. so not a major event. that should be the big hit right there with scattered sprinkles before and avenue. let's wait until tomorrow night before we time it out and see what we want to do for the weekend. i'm not changing my plans yet, but there will be some sprinkles. the five-day forecast, there it is. you've got a few sprinkles in
10:48 pm
there on saturday. a few sprinkles on sunday. overall, a pretty manageable pan. >> funny, just having storms that dumped inches of rain. >> even if i said a quarter inch, you'd say whatever. >> bill, thank you. >> thank you, bill. sports is coming up next. we will be right back. where do babies come from? well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas,
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it's the kind of news warriors fans just don't like to hear. >> but it is a reality. it's part of sports. joe montana, buster posey with the giants, but let the healing begin. that has got to be the mantra for the golden state warriors right now. if you look at it on the positive side, he will have the best of medical care as he begins the rehab. right now, flown back to oakland, landing at oakland international today. see him ginger will he getting off the plane, being wheeled probably towards the rehab facility. he'll get the best of care. of course the prognosis, if you have not heard after this injury, 4 to 6 weeks, it is a level 2 knee sprain and bone bruise in simplest of terms.
10:52 pm
bob myers assessing the injury. >> we think he'll fully recover long term. in the short term, we'll have to see how his body does. but yes, in the period, there was speculation as to what it might or might not be. but the ct scan led to the diagnosis, which was presented to you guys which is really all that matters in an injury. it's not what could have been, it's what is. >> of course the warriors have to look at things through rose tinted glasses, but the rest of the league, you know they see this as a pure opportunity, and back east, the cavaliers looking vincible, as they take on boston. a couple of people who know a little something about winning. in boston to see the cavs and celtics go at it. 24 lead changes. what a game they had.
10:53 pm
lebron was in the mood to play. boston down one, 49.4 seconds left. isaiah thomas from 28 feet drills a three, and the celtics go up two. however, you have got to see this shot right here. kyrie irving. is that pretty or what? he had 28 tonight. 38.9 seconds left. yes. they call that a halle berry, because it's pretty. yes. thomas hit free throws. boston up two. darren williams, the newcomer will miss the three. there you go. two more free throws and the celtics wind up 103-99 winners. you cannot blame the new regime of the san francisco 49er it's for -- 49ers for this. of course they want a clean slate, and they do not want kaepernick. they probably let him know he was not in their plans thus,
10:54 pm
the report today that kaepernick will opt-out of his contract. it's going to be interesting what the 49ers do, as they well don't have a veteran quarterback on their roster. the team will save $14.9 million. >> the martest people aren't always the best quarterbacks either. you can't overprocess things. it's how quick they react in the pocket. do they watch the rush. are they fearless? it's very hard to make the reactions you need with how quick these windows close. you want to see how quick their decision making is. you think of spring training baseball, you think of relaxing in the sun, and all of the guys relaxed, easy going. however, some people, it's a lot of stress. they're trying to keep a job, or earn one in the first place. the youngsters, and how about veteran matt cain?
10:55 pm
he is on the fringe right now. the giants are on the hook $20 million for this guy, and he's at best going to be their 5th starter. got hit pretty hard by the dodgers tonight. henry ramos takes him into the gap for a triple. 3-0 l.a. cane went 2 innings, 5 hits, 3 runs. not doing anything to stabilize his position. later, jared parker yanks one out of the yard. 5-3, the giants led, however, they end up on the short end, 7- 6 to the dodgers. definitely that light side to spring training baseball. an over-zealous fan goes after a home run ball himself. >> here's a ball into left field, well hit off the bat of galaway. this ball is well gone.
10:56 pm
>> a chiquita banana guy gets the sticker. >> not getting the ball, but taking a tumble due to social media. he soon found himself all over the place. his buddies get a kick out of it. he was a hero on mlb television. in this age, instantaneous gratification, because he made it on tv. >> it's tough running up a hill and looking backwards. >> that's nice of you. >> i love stories like that. thanks mark. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us tonight everyone. have a great night, and we'll see you again tomorrow. >> good night.
10:57 pm
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